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Demolition – Artwork

My next wrestling masterpiece is a tribute to Demolition.  They wrestled in the late 80’s and early 90’s and were an instant favorite team of mine.  What’s not to like about Demolition?  They wore wicked head gear that resembled Road Warrior which revealed sinister face paint underneath. This was very cool.  They had Mr. Fuji as their manager!  Mr. Fuji was the sneakiest manager around and the wrestlers he managed were always deadly.  Demolition also had a heavy metal theme song.

“Here comes the Ax and here comes the Smasher! The Demolition – walking disaster.  Pain and destruction is our middle names”  I think that’s how it goes. Who’s got a more intimidating entrance?  Maybe Undertaker.

They also yelled alot during their interviews which was always entertaining.  Always about pounding their opponents into a bloody pulp.  I loved their aggressive double team back pound and their backbreaker second rope elbow smash finisher was devastating.  I liked it when the Killer Bees or Young Stallions had a match with them.  They were always pummelled.  I read Demolition has a record for longest reign as WWF tag champions. That’s cool.  I also liked the Royal Rumble where they had to start against each other.

Thank you Demolition for the path of destruction you have left in tag-team wrestling.  My gallery includes sketch, draft 1, final image.

Michael Parker

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