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Sting vs Abyss – barbed wire glove

Sting has been on a roll lately on Impact Wrestling and I’m happy to see Sting picking up and leading the way against Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff.  Sting is kind of like the Joker now. We’re seeing a whole new side of Sting and it’s been awesome.  My friend Abyss thinks he can take care of Sting by using a barbed wire glove in their match this past week.  Abyss must have learned it from his Art of War book because he has to refer to it before going for the glove.   This isn’t the first time Sting and Abyss have met. Sting tried to convert Abyss a few years ago by teaching him his real name and having a crazy casket match.  Abyss is a monster and always will be.  Unfortunately Abyss gets a beatdown by Sting and suffers for it.


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