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Destination X – 2011

Destination X was awesome. This PPV was really good.  I wish Taz could have called it because he would have been amazed but JB was very good at calling the show.  Brian Kendrik defeats Abyss! and is the new X-Division Champion.  Shark Boy returns! Curry Man is sighted.  Austin Aries wins a TNA contract.  Alex Shelley is the new #1 contender for X-Division title.  Let’s get into the details.

Samoa Joe vs Kazarian.  Samoa Joe is a personal favorite and I always enjoy seeing the Samoan Submission Machine running rampant.  Samoa Joe should be cast as the Rhino in a Spiderman movie.  He mostly pummelled Kazarian through most of the match and Kazarian attempted to keep him off for a few moments. Kazarian gets the upset and rolls Joe up for the finish.  Joe’s going to snap after this.

Eric Young lost a tag partner since Orlando Jordan left TNA.  Eric Young is going off the deep end and there is only a few that can save him. It’s Curry Man!  and the return of Shark Boy!  Prince Brotherhood of Justice reunion? I love it.

Douglas Williams vs Mark Haskins. This is cool. British Invasion have reformed including Big Rob Terry.  Douglas is 2x X-Division Champion and issued an open challenge for Destination X. UK British wrestler Mark Haskins accepts and what I understand is on the past TNA overseas tour, he impressed fans & TNA, and now debuts at Destination X.  That’s cool. British Invasion accompany but Douglas takes care of it in a very decent match. Plus a handshake from the good man! Perhaps a new member to British Invasion.   I like it.

Eric Young & Shark Boy vs Generation Me.  This is beyond description because this is a hint of the Prince Brotherhood of Justice reunion!  I haven’t seen Curry Man in years and this brought a complete grin to my face when I saw that plate of curry on his head.  Shark Boy returns and offers his partnership in the tag match and EY and Shark Boy share a moment of weirdness.  Eric Young is growing his beard until he gets a World Title shot.  Amazing. Plus he’s the Television champ and has the old TNA title belt that Immortal threw in the trash. He wears 2 belts! Remember when Kurt Angle had all the TNA belts?!  Anyways, this is hopefully a sign of things to come.  FYI – I just read Generation Me has been released from TNA.

Alex Shelley wins Ultimate X to be the new #1 contender to the belt. Very good match. Amazing Red, Robbie E and Shannon Moore all got their chances and the highlight reel is sick but this one was going to the Ultimate X veteran. 8th Ultimate X match?! Chris Sabin came out to congratulate his partner on the win. Cool.

RVD vs Jerry Lynn. Another amazing match. Rivalry from ECW late 90’s.  Supposed to be 10 months ago but Jerry Lynn hurt himself training for it!  Even though it’s a regular match, it gets a little crazy with a chair and RVD gets busted open on it in a wicked leg drop from Jerry Lynn. Plus RVD gets sunset flipped onto the chair in a super throw.  RVD gets trashed in this match but he’s super tough.  Amazing match!

Austin Aries wins a TNA contract! Austin Aries was in TNA a few years back and I really enjoyed watching him as Ausin Starr.  Really great match. I hope they all get signed. The fans actually start chanting that during the match. I hope to see more of Jack Evans, Xema Ion and Low-Ki. I bet Low-Ki is next since he’s a TNA alumni.

Abyss loses his X-Division title!  Brian Kendrik does the impossible by defeating The Monster Abyss. He didn’t do it alone as the whole X-Division roster came out and brawled with Immortal. Another amazing match.  This will shape the days to come in TNA Wrestling.  Abyss shoves Bully Ray as well after his defeat. I hope Abyss does his own thing soon. Immortal’s going to crumble.

AJ Styles vs Christoper Daniels was amazing. So many counters and techniques. Amazing wrestling ability from both men. AJ Styles was the first to sign a TNA contract. Really great match to finish the night off.

Amazing PPV from TNA. This is what TNA has to offer in the entire X-Division roster.  Actually that’s why I started watching TNA in because of what I was seeing from the X-Division.

If you got to watch Destination X you know what I’m talking about.

Ring the bell this one is over. TM6500


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