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TNA Turning Point 2011 – Predictions

Good evening wrestling fans across the world. I am the Terror Mangler 6500 and here are my predictions for TNA Turning Point 2011.  This past month has seen some new developments in TNA with Hulk Hogan turning good and Sting winning the company back for Dixie Carter.  The main emphasis has been on Robert Roode and his quest for the TNA World Championship.  Although James Storm won it 1 week after Bound for Glory over Kurt Angle and Robert Roode won it next week over James Storm.  So things are happening in TNA. Let’s go!

AJ Styles vs Robert Roode (c) for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship.  I see AJ Styles winning this because after all that has happened with Beer Money / Fortune matches recently.  I see AJ Styles taking the belt as the true TNA champion.  This will be a great match.
Winner: AJ Styles. Winner: Robert Roode.

Jeff Jarrett vs Jeff Hardy.  I hope Double J wins this but I see Jeff Hardy getting this win. Jeff Hardy is back from his downward spiral and TNA has given him another chance. So let’s see him win.
Winner: Jeff Hardy. Winner: Jeff Hardy. 3 times.

Gail Kim vs Velvet Sky (c) – TNA Knockouts Championship.  I’m really happy to see Gail Kim back in TNA.  She’s the first Knockouts Champion so she’s got what it takes.  It didn’t look like she really was utilized in WWE.  Her feud against Awesome Kong was just legendary.  I love the new tag-team of Madison Rayne & Gail Kim but I don’t see Gail Kim having tag belts and championship gold at the same time.  It wouldn’t really balance the landscape in the Knockout division.  Let’s see Velvet Sky deliver in her 1st title defence.
Winner: Velvet Sky. Winner: Gail Kim.

Ink Inc vs Mexican America (c) – Tag Team Championship.  I really hop Mexican America retain the gold since they are highly entertaining and the strongest team in TNA since Beer Money is now dissolved.  I really like Anarquia and his mic skills and Hernandez is just awesome.  I’ve always liked LAX and I miss Homicide but the addition of Sarita & Rosita is just something special.
Winner: Mexican America. Winner: Mexican America.

Kid Kash vs Jesse Sorenson vs Austin Aries (c) – TNA X-Division Championship.  I really like Austin Aries and I really like Kid Kash but don’t have anything for Jesse S0renson. He comes to the ring with a football! Why does he do that?  He should have been replaced by Samoa Joe or Brian Kendrik.  I see a beatdown on Jesse Sorenson and a turn between Kid Kash and Austin Aries.
Winner: Austin Aries. Winner: Austin Aries.

Robbie E vs Eric Young (c) – TNA Television Championship.  I think Eric Young is great but I feel he’s going to lose the belt soon and why not to Robbie E.  With the help of Big Robbie, I see Robbie E coming out the winner.
Winner: Robbie E. Winner: Robbie E.

Scott Steiner & Bully Ray vs Mr. Anderson & Abyss.  I’m glad Abyss is back but this match seems to be filler.
Winner: Scott Steiner & Bully Ray. Winner: Mr. Anderson & Abyss.

RVD vs Daniels – No DQ.  This will be a highlight match, I hope.  RVD needs some opponents and I think Daniels is perfect to match up with RVD.  I see RVD 5 star frog splashing Daniels for the 3 count.
Winner: RVD. Winner: RVD.

Crimson vs Matt Morgan.  Can Matt Morgan stop Crimson’s winning streak? I think he can. It has to stop sometime and I see Matt Morgan rise up the ladder with this win.
Winner: Matt Morgan. Winner: Double DQ.

Predictions: 5/9 matches correct. 55% accuracy.

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